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Talk about good timing!!


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So we have just been informed by the dealer that the new car arrives on Thursday!! only 5 weeks after having ordered it, so they must have had one in production that they amended. (originally told end of Sep).

A4 2.0T Quattro Avant S-Line, park assist, removable towbar and thats about it....

DRC ARB and Ipod connector to be fitted next weekend then! grin.gif

Perfect timing for us as we are actually here to collect, rather than my dad driving it to his in first gear..... smashfreakB.gif (automatics only at his age) although now means no MX-5.....

Pics to be loaded as soon as I get my hands on it!

Have to rack up some miles though before we can have much fun!

Now, wheres my TSN stickers then??!!!

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there has also been some discussion about suspension settings and height of new cars....

both front and back seem to fit pretty well with only a small gap between tyre and arch.......

Continental tyres........

Very happyu so far with 100 miles on clock. no going over 4k for a while.

Tad dissapointed by lack of standard kit and the seats dont seem to hold or be suportive as much as they last UK Sport model we had.

But Audi keyring and a little box of mints too..... nice touch! (oh and imaculate inside and out - properly clean).

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ESP wont be affected at all, its still the same program looking for the same traction errors etc, although you may encourage those errors to appear more........

To be honest i have heard no negative feedback about the ARB inc S4 owners (like Scotty who posted how good it was)... in fact all A4/S4 owners report good things, perhaps this is your next mod?

would have done it tonight but ended up in the pub instead!

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