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Changing the startup screen on your RNS-E

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With acknowledgement to Dirk on Navplus and to the Ross Tech wiki page

Here's how to change the startup screen on your RNS-E to match your car - It appears to work only with SW 0500 or later (nice to have the RS4 startup screen now!).

The value in Adaptation Channel 018 controls the Startup Screen:

0 = Standard Start Screen

1 = Audi S3 Start Screen

2 = Audi S4 Start Screen

3 = Audi RS4 Start Screen

4 = Audi TT Start Screen

Please note that after changing the startup screen you will need to reboot the RNS-E (save a value of 1 in Adaptation Channel 111 or hold RADIO and SETUP until it reboots).

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Thanks Craig,

The car is May 2003 but unsure how old the RNS-E is. Admitedly not tried any VAG codes for startup yet but TMC has had a line through it since fitting 2 months ago. I had assumed RNS-E was the same for all models (except fascia size/shape) I have S/W 160 and have not upgraded SW as doubt it would work with the old 2004 DVD. I have also delayed buying update on e-bay to wait Tom Peterkin's promises from Audi themselves so I guess my question is a little premature. Will try start-up screen codes & see what comes up.


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Just one other point, under 0550 software you can only change the start up screen based on the model of your RNS-E coding.

Coded 02xxxxx for A3

0 = standard

1 = S3

Coded 03xxxxx for A4

0 = standard

2 = S4

3 = RS4

I tried other codings for A6 etc, no joy, just standard.

So if you have a 2002/3 S3 with an A4 RNS-E retrofitted, then you will NOT be able to use the S3 coding unless you change the unit to think it is in an A3, then it will not work correctly in the car.

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