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My Christmas Present......


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Sub date.

I only put my name down for one 2 weeks ago and cause I knew someone got moved up the list, was originally told I was 8th so would probably be looking at next september. Then went back and said to him that I used to work with someone he knows very well and who he owes a favour and he said he would see what he could do. Got a call to say it there was one there for me.

Having said all that I had started to really like the Sea Dweller, got the date but without the bubble which I prefer, and also the Explorer II.

I actually really like the non date sub, but, everyone says that you have to have the date to sell it on again, but I can get the non date for £2150 brand new and would get 90% of that back, where as the date one is £2800 and I would only probably get 85% of that back, and I am buying it because I like it anyway, not to sell on.

I will have a think over xmas, I know you can get them used and mint tomorrow, but would be nice to get my first Rolex with my name on the paperwork.

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Straight from the box, I was amazed when I saw them, there are about 2ft long by 3" and no more than 4mm thick.

I did my shop with it when we did a refit in teh summer and the amount of people that say "Oooh, isn't it nice that you kept the original floor." I have given up explaining to them what it it now and just agree. smile.gif

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looking good Guy. so what will you do with the old one? is it repairable?

[/ QUOTE ]

When the old one is on the car you wouldn't even know it was a damaged, looks fine, couple of small scrathes to the right of the flipper but that is it. It is just I know it isn't right and I would not be able to sell the car on knowing that it wasn't mint all over.

I have 4 weeks to send it get it back to my dealer and I will get a refund of £615, so I may stick it on ebay before then and see what it goes for, I am sure there are plenty of people who would lke a proper CSL bumper rather than one of the copies?

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It would have to have gone off to a carbon specialist, they would have layed it back up underneath till it was right, then it would have needed respraying etc.

It would have taken 4-6 weeks, and it would have cost me around £600. I would have also had to have bought another flipper at a cost of £150+vat, bringing it to £750.

At that point I thought I might as well just buy it new, couldn't be without the car for over a month for a start, would have had to hire something, even something cheap would have been another £120 a week. In the end I paid £1841 for it.

I didn't even have to get it repaired, but I wanted the car to be 100% right, not just for when I sell it but for me too.

I cut out a strip from abs plastic to replace the bit that was missing so I could put the flipper back on, and it worked a treat, I will take a pic or two to show what happened.

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