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Aftermarket rear side blinds


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I did too - quite interesting drilling into the metal!! Took about 15mins to fit!

[/ QUOTE ]

Second that - 10 minutes for the first one and 5 minutes for the second.

The "instructions" are just pictures, no words - worth spending time looking through them and at the blinds before you start drilling!

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Thought i would dig this one back up.

Im thinking of obtaining a set of these rear blinds. Have any of you experienced any problems with them, are they securly fitted (ie a little one would have difficulty pulling them off)

Are they really really easy to fit?

Do they look good or do they stand out as an after market fit.

Finally do they do the job of keeping the sun out as well as the stick on types ?



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I just fitted a set last week and, as commented above, it is a bit worrying drilling into your new car - especially when the instructions aren't particularly clear.

The problem, as you can see from the pics at the top, is the gap all round the edges. This is annoying as the sun seems to be forever getting into the kids' eyes. The only good thing about my previous V70 was that the blind covered the entire window.

Still, the Audi ones are 10 times better than the square Halfords ones smile.gif

*Oh and I managed to break one of the lower clips so had to glue it in place

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Thanks - i did notice the gaps, although to be honest its less of a gap and they look a lot better than my current blinds:


Didnt really want to go down the tint route as this causes permanent darkness in the back during dreary winter days.

Plus i have lost count the number of time me and the missus have hit the rear window bottun by mistake and sent the rubber suction cup into the door, then spent then next 30 minutes getting it out again frown.gif

Have there been any long term issues that any of you guys that have had them fitted for a while experienced ?

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