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Enable "blip" when arming alarm on B6 A4/S4


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It's a doodle assumming you have vag-com.

It's even easier it you use this neat application which has been around for about 5 years or so to help you work out the number : http://www.kevin-st.co.uk/tt/codes.htm

The vag-com instructions are here :


[edit] Just noticed this is the same as Soaps link. Not sure what other info you need? crazy.gif [/edit]

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Afraid not.

It has to be enabled via Diagnostic port, with the right software/lead.

Your dealer could do it (and probably charge you for priviledge) or most people get it done by someone with

Vag-com software, which is available to the public.

I did a mates B7 A4 the other night. (B6 is the same)

Carried out full fault code diagnostic scan

Turned off selective locking.

Turned on Autolocking at 10mph

Turned on confirmation beep when locked.

took a couple of minutes. 169144-ok.gif

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I just followed Waks page here, and use basecode linked above to give me the new value .

Waks central locking page here.

Its idencical, except your find it probably wont find controller 35.Cent. Locks, so its under 46 Cent.Conv

to enable the beep, you have to :

ADD 1024 to the current soft coding figure.

Waks page above will walk you through it. 169144-ok.gif

once you have done it a couple of times it easily remembered.

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