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Found 31 results

  1. No handsfree Audio

    Hello, I'm not sure if I should make a new post for this, but I have tried everywhere and can't get an answer. I have a 08 A4 B7 with RSN-E unit installed. It has nav and sat radio. a couple years ago (2015) a friend wired OEM bluetooth module but never coded it because they didn't know how. I recently bought a VAG cable for something else and decided to finally code it. The problem is the bluetooth connects but I have no audio, the person can't hear me and I can't here them. There is a mute symbol at the bottom of the screen during a call but once the call is ended all other audio is resumed. (I can hear nav or radio) I posted a link with pictures of the coding and the harness wiring so any help would be nice. Thanks ya'll.
  2. AUDI A8 3.0 TDI battery power management level

    hello again guys.....i'm back with the same problem on my audi a8......battery power management level. i had the car to AUDI WEST LONDON done a diagnose and they come up with laizy starter motor and week battery(that was the engine choke on first spin) all whent well for about 2 months now the battery error is back on my dashbord and the engine chokes again on start after i had the diagnose done at AUDI i put a brand new battery and new original starter motor on it i can not understand what the hell is going on with it.....anyone has any clue? THANK YOU
  3. My LH mirror is broken - the glass and the clips behind it. The housing and the mechanism is OK I think. I'm having trouble finding a compatible replacement anywhere. It seems like the cabrio mirrors are 'different' but I can't really believe that. I would buy a complete replacement unit if I have to - but still need to know what part is actually a proper replacement. Can anyone help me?
  4. Audi R8 racing bikes

    Reminds me of trips to Le mans... What a fricking nutter.
  5. 2013 A3 Cabrio

    From the album A3 Cabrio

  6. Nürburgring

    From the album Daz's cars

    Scumball 2006
  7. RS4 Cabriolet

    From the album Daz's cars

    On day of collection

    © Darren Baker

  8. RS4 Cabriolet

    From the album Daz's cars

    On day of collection

    © Darren Baker

  9. audi S3 5 e1348179967468

    Red Audi s3
  10. audi S3 parigi 2012 16

    Red Audi S3
  11. AUDIDODAT A3 1.8t

    Hi Just Spreading My Car Round Forums To Get Peoples Opinions
  12. HI, I'm new here but I wanted to update the gps in my Audi A3 and thought it would be a good idea to get advice from a proper forum. I think I have something called an RNS-E system? I found this website: AudiSatNav | Providing a navigation DVD backup service for your Audi has anyone here used it and could give a recommendation? Many thanks MuminanA3
  13. Hello, I have an 1999 Audi A4 1.8Ts and has some issues with the lights in the dashboard that says temperature or gallons per mile ect... When I bought the car the light in the dashboard was weak and got weaker as I drove the car, now there's no light at all. All other lights works, such as light to the speedometer, tachometer, clock, etc. Highly appreciate if anyone knows what might be the problem. (I'm so sorry for my bad English)
  14. I started having problems at first with static in the radio if it rained or if I went to a car wash but on and off but now it have completely given out the display is stuck in the upright position and it seems no power is getting to it I have removed the center console took apart the MMI system took out the circuit board cleaned it and the buttons and put it all back together but no luck still. coud it be that I now need a new board? thanks for any help
  15. Weird air con problem!

    I have an A6 from 2005. So it has dual zone AC but i set them both on let's say 20 degrees and set the fan on medium blow and use the front airvents.( this are random setings for an example as nomater how I set it up it still does it). It will blow cold air just as requested for a few minutes then the vent next to the drivers door will start blowing really hot. And will not start to blow cold again until I stop and restart the engine. Can anyone help? Thank you!
  16. 1.8 T FSI 120ps thoughts

    Anyone got or tried one of the A4's in the 120 ps variety? I've noticed the majority of the 1.8 TFSI's for sale are the 120 instead of the 160 Just wondering if anyones got an input on how gutless they are or aren't
  17. Hi im looking for a set of A8 alloys preferably with tyres - which incidentally i have no idea what size tyres will fit my 2006 A8 4.2tdi. If anyone could direct me i would be VERY grateful!!! Thanks, Tim
  18. If you've looked at my previous videos regarding the blinking PRNDS, all of them happened when I shift from D to P during parking. This time, today, the gearbox locked up (won't shift from 1st gear) while I was driving..then.. again.. the blinking PRNDS. Had to pull up on the side of the road and restart my engine. Great. Worked fine after that. Mind you, I only bought this car, fresh out of the box just over 2 years ago. If you've experienced this before with your A3 and managed to fix it, please do share with me! Thanks!
  19. Hi guys, Guess I'm just hoping for some advice or pointing in the right direction. Long story short, my car broke down on 8th July and has been with a main Audi dealer ever since. They found no faults on the system and had originally told me it was fuel contamination. After not being able to find the main fault they started taking bits off and found that the valves in the inlet manifold had broken and a couple had broken into bits and must have gone into the engine. They have now finally removed the head and told me that the cylinder and pistons are damaged meaning I need a whole new engine which retails at £4000.00 They said they are looking into what thet can do but personally I feel that there must be a major problem if a 07 plate car thats done 80k needs a new engine and the manufacturer should pick up the tab. Last of all the warranty I have is 5* AA cover which when you look at it only covers the st £1000 of a claim so not worth the paper its printed on. Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers.
  20. Hi i have recently bought an audi a4 2.0tdi avant/estate/kombi 2007/8 in is a german import now a registered swedish car. First problem is all the fault messages are in german.can i change this or any mechanic or is it audi?. secondly it has the older BNS 5.0 navigation system.i managed to change the language from german to english but now found it doesnt show maps ,just directions on the mini mmi screen infront of me on the instrument also only covers street level directions of germany and major european cities.where can i get cd s or downloads?i want full european street level mapping or for Scandinavia and UK. Or can anyone recommend a dvd system full upgrade which is compatible(plus system?) many thanks Darren [email protected]
  21. A4 central locking

    I know similar questions have been asked before but not sure if i have come across my exact answer. I have a 1996 (B5) A4 1.9TDi I already have central locking but am looking at installing an aftermarket remote central locking unit. can any one give me clues on wires and colours i need to look out for when installing this. i know where the central locking pump is located and this is a single vacum pump type. the system i am looking to install is the VT500TWL keyless entry system. Any help would be appreciated+++
  22. Hi, I have recently bought an Audi A3 and made the decision to replace the headlight bulbs to Xenon, seems easy enough. Main bulbs (H7) were easy to change but the side lights (H1) seem impossible. Anyone know hows its done without having to remove the whole unit? Thanks in advance.
  23. Celtic Tuning A3 2L TDi

    I am thinking of getting my 2L TDI A3 remapped with Celtic Tuning. 140BHP-195BHP 236LBFT TORQUE-328LBFT TORQUE 2-5MPG GAIN. Price=£300 whats your opinion of this company if you have used them before and compared to other companies the price is lower and the gains are far better...
  24. Audi A4 Prices

    Hey Guys! I've been looking round the internet to try and find some good prices on a new Audi I want an Audi A4 Estate (3.0 TDI ideally)! so far the best prices I've found were at New Audi cars price comparison ? compare prices at but I've never heard of them. any one know if they're for real? Appreciate any help any one can give me! thanks in advance! Steve
  25. I have a 57 reg A3 without an aux socket to plug in my i Phone, but it does have a bury hands free cradle (for a different phone) wired into the back of the the CD (the standard single CD player). If I get a bury cradle compatible with the iPhone, will it play iPod music through the stereo? Or is there an alternative way to do this? Any help much appreciated as FM transmitters are driving me mad! Thanks