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Feeling very fortunate ... in a strange way


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On my commute to work I was just joining the motorway and as I checked to pull out I noticed a whiff of smoke.

I slowed and pulled onto the hard shoulder as it got worse.

Once stopped I could see oil running out from the fairing :(

It took ages to get recovered but I sat there thinking how fortunate I was that :

Oil hadn't caused the rear wheel to slide out

Oil hadn't emptied and seized the engine

I was "only" on the way to work and not off on a tour

I was only about 4 miles from home

The weather was very pleasant



I left the bike at my local mechanic and at first glance it looks like just an oil pipe which isn't unheard of on Blackbirds.

So in summary it could have been financially a lot worse and of course it could have been a lot lot worse for my health.

Fingers crossed I'll be back on it on Thursday after it's fixed and had a full service, coolant replacement, brake fluid, etc :grin:

Phew !

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One oil feed pipe blew but the other is poor so both being replaced. The OEM ones are £85 each but Hel make flexible braided ones which don't die like the Honda ones and they're £120 a pair.

It was about due a service so that's all being done along with coolant swap and brake fluid change / new pads all around.

It should come back like a new bike :)

Oh plus the cost of one pair of pants! :rolleyes:;)

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