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So bloody slow!


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Just so you guys don't think its being ignored its not. 


However as I've mentioned before as yet I've genuinely not seen this yet, on my phone, iPad, Mac or at work. Maybe the Bison will roam into this thread at some point and shed some light on what is going on. 


Does it happen at a particular time each day or the same machine / ISP, any information might help nail what the problem might be. +++

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Milo - can you run a tracert from your PC?    


1. Go to Start -> Run

2. type CMD and press enter

3. type tracert www.tyresmoke.net 


copy and paste the results here or send me a PM.


its likely that there is a routing issue between your ISP and the TSN box, not 100% if we're using Cloudflare still which may be a cause of the slowdown for you and some others.

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