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Yeah I won't laugh but its not good when the recovery truck has more laps on the board than the current F1 world champions, opps. It seems Renault is having problems everywhere at the moment, when they do start and get going they sound like a bag of spanners even when at full chat. 

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Must ..  not ... say any thing....  :P


Well Renault are having a bad day and the Torro Rosso sister team to Redbull are also having issues, so much so Jean-Eric Vergne only made it just past the pit lane exit on one of his attempts. I suspect their is some serious soul searching going on at the moment for them.  :blink: 

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I used to be able to see the differences, but I'll admit that has probably stopped because I now find it all so bloody boring.


Here's our car. 


Here's OUR car.


Oooo, look at our car now!


Thing is, who cares until they're on the circuit and racing!?  Even then, the 'racing' element has become processional.  You know a sport is in major trouble when they're talking about double or triple points so many times a season.

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RBR are packing their bags and going home ...



@redbullracing: We've finished testing for the day. All focus now shifts to Bahrain. Full update to come shortly.
@redbullracing: CH- It's been a very difficult test,We have had numerous Renault issues as well as chassis cooling issues, which have affected our progress.  


The temporary solution:



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It seems the issues are related to both design problems with the packaging and issues with the battery pack plus integration issues with the car itself.


All of which have meant they have only done 21 laps across the full 4 days. Caterham believe it or not have completed far more laps with the same engine / kit combination but have now suffered from the same issues it seems.


Maybe Adrian has pushed the packaging that bit too much and as a result the car is suffering from cooling issues amongst other things.

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