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Which tyre?


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It's time to buy some new tyres to replace the 535d's rears. I've managed 19k miles on the Goodyear Eagle NCT5s that BMW fitted at the factory, but they are now too worn for me to be comfortable.

Blackcircles offer these tyres:


Simple question - which would you go for?

Harder question - what's the difference between reinforced and non-reinforced tyres?

My preference at the moment is the Michelins. I had these on the 330Ci continuously for the 3 years that I owned it and loved them. They have also been fitted to the 911 continuously since new (4 years). In that time, I've always found them to be very good in terms of both grip and longevity. However, this means that I don't have much experience of any other tyres!

The NCT5s on the car at the moment are, IMHO, not grippy enough. There will still be a pair of part-worn NCT5s on the front axle, though.

All thoughts gratefully accepted!


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I loved the GDS3's on the S4, but hated them on the 535d, so swapped over to Pirelli P Zero Rossos, completely different, and so much better.

But my mate put on PS2's and they made the Pirelli's seem pretty poor all round.

The PS2 tyre is pretty much the perfect tyre for a fast, high torque RWD car.

F1 Asymmetrics would be the nest best thing for a bit less money, but everyone who has tried them on the BMW boards have all said they are still not as good as the PS2's.

The way the PS2 lets go is so progressive, it is amazing, you always feel as though you have complete control, and because of that you can push the car alot harder.

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Just replaced 4 myself...

And i too narrowed down choice between F1 Asymmetrics and Mich PS2s..

The bloke who fitted and balanced for me said was close but for longer lasting ability go for the PS2s ..they just shaded it in his opinion(and before someone cynical says he would do as the PS2s do cost more...wasnt a great deal in it as i was getting 4 new tyres anyway and the price was a whole lot better than most places costco,black circles and QucikFit who wanted just over £900 to fit 4 PS2s lol)though he did say the F1 Asymmetrics were prob one of the best new tyres out there..he was fitting lots...

So i chose the PS2s...and am more than happy...

Not felt a great deal of diff as the car had PS2s on before..

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Thanks everyone.

Anyone envisage issues in having PS2 non-runflats on the rear axle and part-worn Eagle NCT5 runflats on the front?

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah, it will be bordering on dangerous mate.

Read the 1000's of posts on bmwland that ask about handling problems, 99.999% of them turn out to be mixed tyres and 99.999% of them end with the guy putting on 4 of the same and all problems going away.

Don't do it, put on 4 regular tyres, the other one to look at is the Falken FK452, superb on a BMW, and you will do all 4 for under £400 if you shop around.


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