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hiya i need to speak with you about our dear friend ben williamson we

bought a audi a3 06 plate which he said he was selling for an alan doughty?(not

sure if surname spelt correctly) as this alan needed the money to bail him out

so funds were transferred from my account to bens which is fine got the car and

asked for the logbook yeh yeh ive got logbook ill drop it off blah blah this

went on for about 8 weekss in the end we applied for the logbook ourselves no

problem got insurance etc last week police came round interested in our car said

may possibly be stolen were investigating and we were asked not to sell the

car.had a phone call today saying the car has been reported stolen by alan

doughty claiming he gave the car to ben to fix and the car was his and not only

that but alan has now just applied for a logbook but got it!!! the police know

we bought the car in good faith and are totaly innocent in this mess but i want

to know if you know of this alan guy from london or if anyone knows of a black

audi a3 thats been modified that has been stolen or is it a case of ben gave

this alan the money and this guy is trying to be clever and also reclaim the

car. i must add his alan was not the previous keeper on the logbook but ben

claims alan has had the car for at least 3 years!!!! please help this alan guy

has got my address and the police have advised us to be aware that someone may

try and remove the car from us!!!

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I've never heard of an Alain Key, can you get those in London?

Now you're just being stupid. It's an Alan Key. They were invented by a bloke called Jonathan from Kidderminster, who pretended to be called Alice at the weekend, but he got found out, so had to revert to being called Alan on Sunday mornings.

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